• Who can create a Campaign on Pursu.it?

    Creating a Pursu.it campaign is currently open to amateur athletes in any country who have demonstrated commitment to their sport to achieve high level success, and a genuine need for financial support. Pro athletes are not eligible. In addition, all athletes must abide by our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy.

  • How does Pursu.it work?

    Each Pursu.it campaign is designed by the athlete. The athletes you see on Pursu.it have control and responsibility for their campaign(s). They have taken great care to define their story, develop their givebacks and craft their overall campaign.

  • How Can Organizations Support Athletes?

    All companies are encouraged to directly support athletes. The givebacks are created by the athlete and may include major sponsorship and branding opportunities. Because it's direct sponsorship of one individual, there are no tax receipts available. If your organization is interested in larger sponsorship opportunities of the Pursu.it platform, please contact Lauren Sears by email at lauren@pursu.it.

  • Does Pursu.it Screen campaigns Before they Launch?

    The Pursu.it team works directly with amatuer athletes who apply to run Pursu.it campaigns, to help make their campaigns as successful as possible. Because of this collaboration, a higher level of Pursu.it campaigns are successful in comparison with other micro-funding initiatives.

    The Pursu.it team takes a look at all videos to ensure the message and content is clear. Not all athletes who submit applications to Pursu.it will be accepted. We will provide feedback on how to make a strong campaign. While Pursu.it is facilitating direct connections, at the end of the day, it’s the responsibility of the athlete to create their profile and use the money as planned. For more on what makes a successful campaign, please consult the Pursu.it Playbook.

  • Who is responsible for completing a goal as promised?

    The Pursu.it team created this platform because of our love of sport. In the end it’s the athlete’s responsibility to follow through on their campaign mission and deliver associated givebacks. Pursu.it is not involved in the final delivery of projects or givebacks and does not guarantee that an athlete will use the money as outlined and follow through on their promises. We are a platform that brings athletes and fans together. We vet all of the profiles that are submitted and take all athletes at their word when they make promises. It is the fans' discretion to decide whether or not they believe an athlete will follow through on their promises before donating.

For Contributors

  • When is my credit card charged?

    Your credit card will be charged immediately when you pledge.

  • Do donors receive tax receipts?

    No. Unless otherwise stated, supporting an athlete is a direct gift to the athlete, and is therefore not eligible for a tax receipt.

  • How do we know that athletes are following through now that they have the funding?

    Athletes realize the way to achieve success on the Pursu.it platform is to foster strong relationships with their fans. They are prepared to answer questions and stay in touch as much as possible while they are training. Long-term athletes will return to Pursu.it with new campaigns and goals, and in order to ensure continued success, they will need to ensure fans and donors enjoy their experience. As fans, we need to understand we are funding athletes who are in the midst of intense training, and that may cause a delay in the shipping of givebacks. Any questions or concerns about this can be first directed to the athlete. If there are more serious concerns, we at Pursu.it would like to be informed to address serious issues and make proper service corrections going forward.

For Athletes

  • Can I promote another site?

    The platform is designed to connect athletes to fans. While we encourage the support of family and friends, it should be the individual that puts the effort into creating the video and profile. While we encourage your use of social media and may even enjoy your sponsors’ products, your video is not the place to promote these things and other sites. However, we will gladly link your profile page to your social media accounts.

  • What can campaigns be used for?

    Athletes can use the funds for anything that will help them reach their athletic goal. Each athlete must have a clear goal they are looking to achieve, whether it’s making the podium, getting to the next competitive event, or making the national team. Athletes must also outline how the funds will be used. More information on setting goals can be found in the Pursu.it Playbook.

  • Do I have to pay tax on the money I receive?

    We recognize there might be tax implications for you the athlete on the donations received from running a Pursu.it crowdfunding campaign. Please consult a tax professional if you are unsure what your responsibilities may be.