1 Support An Athlete
Support an amateur athlete by watching their video and clicking on ‘support this athlete’. You will be able to support the athlete through using your credit card via Stripe. You can also 'do it the old way' by sending cheques to Pursu.it
2 Select A Giveback
Choose a giveback personally created by your athlete as a way for them to say thank you for being an awesome fan. The athlete individually creates each giveback. Once the project is complete your athlete will send an email to collect the information they might need to deliver your giveback (address, preferences, dates, etc.).
3 Share Their Story
Tell your friends about Pursu.it and the athlete you supported to make their dream a reality! You can share their story by clicking “Share” on your athletes profile page. Our athletes success relies on your support! Because funding for athletes of all levels is often not enough it’s up to us to make our athletes' dreams come true.
4 Cheer!
CHEER! Your athlete will go on to compete, travel, and make their country proud. Maybe even at the Olympic level. Keep cheering on our amateur athletes by following their journey, visiting the Pursu.it site often, or by snapping a picture of the giveback you will receive.

Pursu.it is a crowdfunding platform for amateur athletes